Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ribbon hunting - SSF or Semua House ?

Howdy people ! It's been so long since the last thing i did for the wedding preparations. Seeing how the other bride to be in my blog list have done so many progresses for the wedding preps somehow makes me feel so nervous ! And thankfully, it pushed me to back on the track again. Tehehe. Thanks to all bride to be out there ! :D

So, last weekend i went to SSF for the 2nd time searching for the turqoise satin ribbon. Before this i went there and saw the satin ribbon that i really want for my doorgift. And it is so cheap there ! RM12.90 for 5 roll ! It means only RM2.58 for each roll. I think 1 roll is about 11m long. Unfortunately, the turqoise colour was sold out ! So i asked the staff there if they have any stock, and unfortunately they haven't. The staff took my contact number and said they will call me if the new stock arrive.