Sunday, January 29, 2012

Karambunai Escapade: Day 2

Phewwwww sekarang ni susahhh sangat nak curi masa nak update blog. Banyaaaak sangat kerja kena buat. Nak story pasal Karambunai trip pun tergantung punya lah lama! Hihi. Ok taknak buang masa bebel-bebel, this time nak share some of pictures on our 2nd day at Nexus Karambunai. Enjoice ! ;p

Sebelum pergi breakfast. Waktu ni baru pukul 7pagi kot, matahari dah tinggi dah. :)

Front view of our room - Borneo Garden Deluxe

The compound at the back of our room.

The breakfast. Yay! Ni baru first round. Kitorang bantai makan untuk lunch sekali neh. Hihihi

Next, jalan-jalan hirup udara segarrr tepi pantai XD

Kat tepi pantai Karambunai ni diorang sediakan banyak kerusi rehat. Angin kat sana saaaaangat lah kuat. Syokk sungguh! :D

See. Macam takde orang lain kan? We feel privacyyyy sangat uolls. Hihi

At the seaside.

Love the blue sky soooo much!

 Matahari dah makin meninggi. Nasib baik dalam bilik diorang dah sediakan payung siap-siap. Hee

 So pagi sampai tengahari tu kitorang pusing-pusing je sekeliling resort. Ada golf course, spa, sports & recreation, etc etc. 

And the best part is, petang tu kitorang mandi laut. Weee syiok! Tapi tak boleh pergi jauh-jauh sebab ombak saaangat besar sebab angin kuat sangat. Eh. Suamy sangat sweet bila tulis macam kat atas tu. Kekekekeke ;p

p/s: Esok ada presentation. Pray for me! ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Karambunai Escapade: Day 1

We choose to go to Karambunai for honeymoon. And we will never regret it! The vacation was awesome as we both enjoyed so much staying there.

Why we choose Karambunai? One of the reasons is I was hesitate to choose Bali or Krabi since  the fact that it was end of the year and that synonym with monsoon season. So i said to husband (at that time not yet husband) let's just go to Karambunai ! Besides, i saw many awesome view of Nexus Karambunai Resort on the net, and that makes my heart really melt and i really want to go there.

We fly to Sabah by Air Asia. Why we choose Air Asia instead of MAS? Besides the slight cheaper fee for the tickets, the schedule is also flexible! We fly from LCCT at 650am and arrived at Sabah at 9.15am if i'm not mistaken.

Now, let's the pictures speak on behalf of me. ;p

 Hubby was so excited. ;p

 Just before departing.

 As we both were graduate from UTM, we were so excited to see this ads in Air Asia magazine. LOL ;p

 Yeay, almost there! 

 In KK Airport.

The distance from the airport to Nexus Karambunai is about 45 mins drive. After the arrival, we were fetched by the taxi provided by Nexus Karambunai Resort. And of course, it's not  free! Keke. The fee is RM75 for the taxi from the airport to Nexus. It will be included to the hotel fee. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. I'm not sure about this, but hubby said that the resort had a promotion at that time. So for our room, Borneo Garden Deluxe with king size bed, we have to pay RM320 per night after the discounted price for government servant. And I guess it was a reasonable price for this 5 star resort.

 Nexus Karambunai Resort.

See the tapau food on the coffee table? Haha. We asked the taxi driver to drop us at any restaurant in KK. Then we tapau some food and drinks for our lunch as we aware that the resort is quite far from the town and the food price at the restaurants in the resort is not cheap! I told you it's a 5 star resort, didn't I? Hihi :D

And this is our room. Spacious and comfortable.

 The bathroom.

Some say it's heaven. 

 The complementaries.

Here's the funny thing. We were just chillin' in the room since it was raining outside that afternoon. And so, we were slept! :P And about 6pm, we woke up and decided to go out to take some fresh air at the seaside and watch the sunset. How lovely, isn't it? See, us with our shades at the picture below?

And as we were ready to go out, once we opened our room, we were both like,

'Eh, dah malam ke????? Salah tengok jam ke ni???'

Haha! Yes, people. We forgot that we are in Sabah! There's no time difference, but yes, the weather is different! Hee. As we were confused in front of our room, there's a few Nexus staff asked us if we need any help. We asked them,

'Dah malam ke ni? Dah maghrib ke ni?'

And once the staff said, 'Yes, mam', we were both laughing out loud!

And mannn, we missed the sunset! Haha

So we just go out to see the view at night at the resort. Somehow we can feel the privacy because there's not much people there besides the staff and the foreign tourists, which most of them are from Korea.

My love.

Yours truly. ;p

Then, we decided to swim in the open swimming pool there. There were only us and other couple in the pool. And i took that chance to learn how to swim. And who's the swimming teacher? It was my husband! Tehehe. And yes, i felt soo heaven that night!  

And yes, that's the wrap of our day 1 in Nexus Karambunai. ;)