Sunday, June 10, 2012

My bilik pengantin. :)

Here i present my-bilik-pengantin-yang-superrrr-simple-but-nice-saya-suka ! :D

On one fine day, my mom called me and asked,

"Ni untuk bilik pengantin nak hias macam mana ni? Ummi nak beli cadar siap-siap ni."

And my answer was,

"Ana tak kisah. Yang ummi nampak cantik, ummi beli je. Yang PENTING, Ana tak nak cadar berambu-ramba, berlabuci-labuci bagai. Ana nak bilik pengantin simple-simple je. Asalkan nampak kemas."

And that's how it goes.

Ummi bought the matress set, wallpaper, table lamp and photo frame from Macy, etc etc. And she even made the bed skirting and the pillow cover herself ! Thank you so much. Ummi ! (':

I think the idea of using wallpaper was a brilliant idea, don't cha?!

For the other deco like flowers, carpet, and so forth, we just used what we already have at house.

Last but not least,

Yours truly. :D


pelangi chenta said...

cantik even simple.
saya pun nanti prefer yang simple but nice

Mawar Fadzil said...

less is more dear. :) very nice!

Anna R. said...

thank you pelangi chenta & mawar ! ;)