Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pay me puhleez !

You know what ? I've starting doing a part time job since a month ago. Why ? Because obviously i need extra money. I saw the ads at one website searching for a part timer. I applied, got interviewed via email, and i got the job !

I'm working my ass off for the part time job since at day time i'm at the office from 9 to 6 while at night i tried to find time to finish my tasks. For four weeks I've never failed to meet the deadline of the part time job. It was quite hard to fight with fatigue after 9 hours of working at day time. But thinking of the pay that i will get for this part time job, i told my self to be stronger !

And the fourth week was the week that i've been waiting for ! I just couldn't wait to get the pay after the hardwork. But you know what, until now almost one month later, i never get the pay ! I was so sad and frustrated and demotivated to continue doing the job. I can see others who doing this job with me are demotivated too.

I guess it's not fair to us.

Obviously we need the money. I need the money. I won't sacrifice my precious time just because i want to do the job. It is because i need some extra money ! Even the pay is not high. Yeah, about the amount of the pay, sometimes i feel like he was play around with it. I thought i should get higher pay, but it is not. Naah, the important thing at this moment is, you shoud pay us !

Pay me puhleez !

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vera rahman~ said...

hi Anna..

part time keje ape ye?and finally dpt payment x?sj nk tau huhu